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Read some of my articles and speeches:

History of Labor in the Northwest Forests
The Witch Hunting of the McCarthy Period
Defeat of the Columbia River Half-million Acre Irrigation Project
Honorary Ph.D. - Seattle University June 15, 1997
Speech to the Minnesota Justice Foundation October 24, 1997
Speech for the Big Bash - Hazel's 100th Birthday!
Speech for Larry Sagan's International Hall of Fame
Speech on Deportation Then and Now
Speech at SCCC on Sustainable Forest Management
Seattle University on Salmon April 22, 1999
American Immigration Lawyers Association June 10-13, 1999
Great Women in my Life - Hazel Wolf High School, September 7, 1999

Listen to my recordings at the Sonarchy archives:

A Conversation With Hazel Wolf - 2.16.96.

Download the following AIFF files
 A View on Ecology and Brotherhood 4:09  Some Advice 0:45
 On Joining the Communist Party 3:24  On Being an Atheist 2:06
 Getting Deported in the McCarthy Era 2:41  Discrimination Through the Years 2:27
 Old Age 2:54  Fear and the Bogeyman 1:12
 Being a Single Mother in the 20's 1:34  Learning From Life 1:33

Read some articles about me:

Spring 1998 Audubon Council - Hazel's 100th!
Honoring Hazel Wolf: Seattle Environmentalist Turns 100
A wetlands for her 100th birthday
Hazel Wolf gets 1997 National Audubon Medal for Excellence
Local Heroes Hazel Wolf: A Long Life of Organizing
A Giraffe's been sighted in Seattle!
Firland operated at peak capacity at a time when TB was major killer of Americans
Hazel Wolf: a lifelong passion for social justice the natural world


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